Insurance...not just a dirty word

24 November 2016

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For many of us insurance is often considered a dirty word but it is a necessary element to any business. The earthquakes that struck Canterbury back in 2010/11 and more recently the North Canterbury quakes of November 14th have shown that insurance is something that every club manager should take more time with.

Each earthquake serves as a reminder that individually we need to be prepared.  After an earthquake we tend to get our emergency kits out and review our plans for ensuring our homes and family are safe.  When it comes to making sure your business and clubs are prepared, insurance is one area that cannot be overlooked.

The Papanui Clubs' experience should provide some useful guidance towards aiding you in the insurance minefield.

  1. Make sure you know what you're getting.  Be aware of cheaper policies that are not giving you 'apples for apples'.  Just because two policies have comparable headings such as "Business Interruption Insurance" what that cover includes could be very different.
  2. Loss of Profit - getting back up and running will take longer than you think.
  3. Price versus coverage - make sure you are covered correctly.  When comparing quotes check your options at signing - a little more spent at this end can save heartache.
  4. Work with people and companies you trust and have the infrastructure to deal with the disaster.

I have no hesitation in recommending the services provided by Clubs Share Insurance Services, based on my experience with the Papanui Club and the assistance they provided following the 2012/11 events in Christchurch.

Keith Ballantyne
Papanui Club

For more information on Club Cover visit or call the Clubs Share Insurances Team on 0800 081 443

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