Installing and Setting up Zoom

23 April 2020

The last few weeks has forced us to adapt like never before.  What was on the "I will get my head around it when I find a spare moment" (such as video conferencing) has suddenly become a priority.

There are many options available to facilitate video conferencing with a popular choice being Zoom.  Leigh has created a quick step by step guide to help get you started with Zoom and you can download this guide here

Clubs New Zealand Resource: Installing and Setting up Zoom

1. To install it on your pc (if you have a webcam on your pc), first go to

2. Then click on the ‘SIGN UP, ITS FREE’ at the top right.

3. Enter your date of birth

4. Enter your email address

5. Give it a few minutes, and then check your emails.  Find the email from zoom and click ‘Activate Account’

6. This will open a new window in your browser where can complete your zoom name and password

7. Then click the ‘I am not a robot’ and ‘Skip This Step’

8. On the launching screen, click ‘download and run Zoom’

9. Wait for the zoom app to download to the bottom left of your screen then click it.

10. Then click ‘Yes’ on the install screen

11. Once installed you can choose to test your speaker and microphone (which is probably a good idea to get you started), or ‘Join with computer audio’ if you want to start a zoom session with someone.  This will give you a code which you share with the people that you want to join so they connect to the right place.

Once you get this far, if you have any issues, contact

You can also use this on phones and ipads by downloading the app from the store.  You will still need to create a zoom account though.  The process is similar to what we have done above.

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