How the Clubs New Zealand App can support your club and add value for your members

23 October 2018

The Clubs New Zealand National Database Project and Mobile App are continuing to grow as more and more clubs and members are getting on board.  We now have a number of clubs who are part the National Database and are actively promoting the app to their members, in addition to this we are receiving multiple requests every day from members wanting to sign into the app in order to access their digital membership card and find the clubs nearest them wherever their travels take them.

Below we will explore just a couple of ways the National Database and App can support your club, the club community as a whole, add value to your membership offering and how your club can get involved.

Supporting your compliance efforts

For those at the 2018 Club Managers Conference you would have heard Brent Register - Manager of Alcohol Harm Prevention with the New Zealand Police discuss the benefits of using mobile in supporting your compliance efforts.  

For most people their smart phone, whether in hand, pocket or bag, is always in reach (unless god forbid the battery runs out).  By giving members the option to use a digital membership card you are eliminating the hassle of having to carry a physical membership card (along with the hundreds of other cards they need to keep track of) and your staff can be confident that a person showing a valid Clubs New Zealand digital membership card is a financial member of a Clubs New Zealand Member Club and therefore has reciprocal visiting rights.

Informed Decisions and Targeted Promotions

Clubs are sitting on a goldmine of data just waiting to be utilised internally let alone on a national scale.

By pulling club data into the National Database we will be able to analyse it to get a better understanding of club membership than we have ever had before. This will support our advocacy work while also allowing us to identify options for marketing and promotions at a National Level - this is not something that we can do blind, and data is the key to making informed decision. 

Promoting the Club Community

Clubs New Zealand is under no illusion that there are a lot of members that do not know that their club is part of Clubs New Zealand and that they are a part of a community and network of clubs which covers the entire country.  We also know that the club industry is often misunderstood and still remains "New Zealand's best kept secret" - we want to change that.

The national database and mobile app is designed to assist in communicating and promoting the wider club community and the benefits of being part of it.

We want members to know that they can get more out of their membership including reciprocal rights, being able to participate in sports tournament and also get discounts and benefits all because they are part of the club community, and the National Database and mobile app will support us in doing that.

Adding value to your membership

The National Database and App are all about helping your members get more out of their membership.  The new Clubs New Zealand locator features a interactive map allowing members to easily see the clubs nearest them - allowing them to utilise the benefits of reciprocal rights.  

Soon to be released updates to the app will highlight the MemberMarket Place so that members can easily access the benefits and discounts that are available to them, along with sports and tournament information at their finger tips.

Sharing your database with Clubs New Zealand

Currently this is done via an export – import process, meaning that your club will need to export specific data from your database and send this as a CSV file to Clubs New Zealand which they will be able to import into the CRM.

The data fields we are asking for are (those with an Asterix are required);

  • Salutation
  • Member First Name*
  • Member Surname*
  • Date of Birth*
  • Email*
  • Phone
  • Mobile
  • Membership Number*
  • Membership Expiry*
  • Membership Type*

We have produced an excel template so that you can see exactly what information we require and the format we require it in for the data import to be successful.

Download the Data Import Template Here

Once you have exported your member data please send it through to we will review the data file to ensure that it will be successfully loaded.

Once we are able to load your members data we will come back to you to confirm it is good to go and we will also be looking to collect some information about the systems and processes that your club is currently using. 

Questions and Answers

Below are a few initial questions and answers, no doubt this list will grow;

How will we update our members information?

For now, you will go through the same process as when you first submitted your database. For clubs with an annual renewal date which aligns with your financial year end you will just need to do another export once your renewals have been completed and send this through to Clubs New Zealand.

What about new or resigned/un-financial members?

Obviously, we will want you to share details of new members so that they can also be a part of the National Database. How often you send through details of new members will largely depend on how many sign-ups you have per month. It may be that you decide a monthly update of new and/or inactive members might be appropriate. If it is a relatively small number to update each month, you may direct new members to fill in the form on our website.

Do we need members permission to send our Database to Clubs New Zealand?

Yes, most clubs already seek permission from members during the application process (the Clubs New Zealand template application form asks permission to send information to Clubs New Zealand). If you are unsure about whether your club has been asking permission, have a check of your application form. We encourage you to communicate with your members and direct them to Clubs New Zealand’s Privacy Policy if required.

A couple of our members don’t want us to share their data, what do we do?

If most of your members are happy to be involved but a couple do not want their data shared, don’t let them ruin it for everyone else. Simply exclude those who don’t want their data shared and send the rest through.

If you have any questions please contact

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