Have your say on Food Safety Rules + New Food Safety Resources available

26 October 2016

The Food Act 2014 came into effect on 1 March 2016 and applies to all food for sale in New Zealand.

MPI is consulting on proposed changes to food safety regulations and notices. Regulations and notices set rules that food businesses have to follow under the new Act.

Existing regulations and notices were consulted on last year and set out what businesses need to do to comply with the law.

As the new law is rolled out, MPI monitor and evaluate the changes. The proposals in this consultation make improvements where needed to make sure the new law works as intended.

Video - Have your say about the food safety rules

What's being proposed?

  • Fewer sanitising, record-keeping, and procedural requirements for lower risk businesses.
  • More detailed requirements for national programme businesses using specific processes, to help them know their food is safe.
  • Innovative or unique processes must use a food control plan.
  • Technical change to sous vide cooking in the template food control plan.
  • Greater flexibility in the timing of a business' first verification.
  • Small change in what verifiers need to report.
  • Revoke unnecessary rules and keep existing ones that are still needed.
  • Technical change to make sure the Animal Products and Food Acts work together seamlessly.
  • Technical change relating to maximum residue levels in wine production.

Consultation documents

Two discussion papers contain the full proposals. One is for regulations and the other for notices. Regulations are rules that go through Parliament. Notices set more technical detail and are issued by MPI. Both set rules that businesses need to follow under the law.

A full summary of the proposals are available on MPIs website which you can visit using the link below;

Visit www.mpi.govt.nz for a summary of the proposals

How to have your say

Visit the MPI website using the link below to find all the options for having your say;

Visit www.mpi.govt.nz to have your say

Submissions close 5pm on 5 December 2016.

New Food Resources Available

The new Food Act is all about managing risk. To help you work out what to focus on, MPI has identified the top 5 food safety factors for different types of businesses.

We've identified the top 5 food safety measures you need to focus on for your type of business. These aren't all you need to do to comply with the law – but they are the things that your verifier will pay most attention to.

Top 5 food safety factors for food service businesses like restaurants and cafes

  1. Get the right training - know how to keep food safe.
  2. Clean and sanitise - to stop germs spreading.
  3. Cook and store food at the right temperature.
  4. Keep cooked, raw and allergen food separate.
  5. Wash your hands properly

Download the Top 5 Poster for food service businesses like restaurants and cafes.

For more information on the Food Act and for more tools, tips and resources visit www.mpi.govt.nz

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