Good Reasons Y to Engage

15 February 2018

While most clubs are thinking about how to engage with Gen Y, it's the younger generation's perception of what clubs are about this is holding them up at the front door.

While research indicates Gen Y people will go to pubs with their friends, they have a tendency to go to clubs with their family and older relatives.

Clubs in the past have appealed to young people to walk in on their own initiative with the lure of "all you can eat", offers or barefoot bowls, it is increasingly social alerts connected to food and beverage options that will have them coming back for more.

Research indicates strict dress codes are also a big issue for millennial's, so many club venues have relaxed dress codes on Friday or Saturday nights in a bid to encourage twenty-somethings to go straight from a day out to the local club in the evening.

So what are some other things we are seeing clubs do to appeal to the 20 somethings?

  • Different restaurant concepts, focusing on sensational food, craft beers, hand picked wines - 20 somethings like their food!
  • Social Media and Web - Be across social media and have a strong website which can highlight the best things about your club.
  • Customer Service - it is what will keep people coming back
  • Xbox or Playstation tournaments - find out what the latest sports game is and introduce a tournament for it
  • We are seeing bowling clubs by shaking up lawn bowls and appealing to the younger demographic with relaxed barefoot bowling days - very trendy right now.

These are just a few examples of the many creative and innovate ideas clubs have come up with to engage generation Y.  It's important for clubs to consider these new ideas and to brainstorm other ideas to be viable into the future.

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