Future proofing your plastic cards

20 September 2021

We have been receiving a few enquiries from clubs wanting to future proof their plastic cards to be compatible with new technology going forward.

The key for now is to print a QR code on the card which matches the Clubs New Zealand app.  To do this your card printer needs to add a QR code with a text field which is your club number followed by the member number.  Please contact National Office on 0800 425 827 to confirm your club code.

For example if your club number is 1317, you would ask them to print a QR with 1317 followed by the member number.  So if it was member 157 then the QR code on their card would be 1317157.  If it was member number 56, then it would be 131756.  Do not add any zeroes or padding or any extra names, etc, to the number system.

If you don’t want members to scan QR codes in your club, and are currently using magnetic stripes, you can leave those as they are for now, to not upset things in your existing system, and just print the QR code with the club number on the card for when they visit other clubs.

Alternatively you could match the magnetic stripe with the QR code, but you will need to upgrade your systems so they recognise the new number as matching to the correct member.  I have discovered some clubs have a prefix in front of the member number to avoid cards from other clubs being mis-scanned.  If that’s the case then change the current prefix to your club number in your systems.

Why bother I hear some say?  Its about making it easier for your members.  If they’re travelling and want to visit other clubs that are using technology like Infosign or ClubPOS, then this will make your plastic cards compatible with other clubs systems. Ultimately it would be great to have all clubs using the app for member scans, saving the environment and money on card printing, but QR codes on the plastic cards is a great interim option.

Speaking of which, for sending through a list of members with their club numbers, email address, and expiry dates so we don’t have to bother you to check if they are a member when someone downloads the app, please email spreadsheet to lucy@clubsnz.com

Please contact Leigh if you have any questions regarding card printing and QR codes.

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