Does your Privacy Policy cut the mustard?

14 January 2020

Clubs have always been required to maintain a register of members, providing your name, date of birth and contact details is part and parcel of joining a club and maintaining your membership.  Most clubs have a privacy statement as part of their membership application form and this has served us well for some time, however, as the world of data collection, storage and sharing has grown in complexity so to has the need for clubs to consider their approach to privacy.

Clubs are now collecting information above and beyond the basic details required to assess suitability for membership and thanks to technology we are now able to collect information from far more sources, websites, emails, phones calls, point of sale. 

A privacy statement is no longer sufficient and with the upcoming changes to the Privacy Act we strongly recommend that clubs look to adopt a privacy policy which covers what information you collect, how you collect it, how you use it, where it might be shared and addresses the rights of the individual to access and make changes to their information.

We have created a template privacy policy to get you started.  This can be found once logged in  to the Clubs New Zealand website under Members Area>Resources>Membership.  As with all of Clubs New Zealand templates we recommend that each club seeks independent advice to ensure the specific needs of your club are being addressed. 

Once reviewed the policy should be introduced by the committee as a by-law of the club just as you would with other policies.

Introducing a privacy policy will also provide a great opportunity to review your clubs application for membership form.  Are you collecting all the information you require (gender, date of birth etc.), can the form be streamlined to make it easier for people to sign up? To help you with this we have also updated the template membership application form which is also loaded on the website under Members Area>Resources>Membership

If you have any questions regarding privacy policies and how to go about introducing one please contact the team at National Office on 0800 4CLUBS

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