DIA Mystery Shopper to become a part of regular compliance activity

14 June 2018

Last week the Department of Internal Affairs released information on mystery shopper scenarios that will form part of the 'rolling mystery shopper' campaign for Class 4 venues. Unlike the previous Mystery Shopper Exercises that were conducted over a specific time period and across a small segment of the industry, the new campaign will take place as part of the departments regular compliance activity - meaning that every Class 4 venue should expect to be mystery shopped.

The aim of the mystery shopper campaign is to foster a culture of care within Class 4 venues which enables staff to identify behaviours that may indicate gambling harm, confidently approach gamblers to check in about their gambling and offer information and support to seek help.

Now is the time to review your clubs harm minimisation procedures and policies to make sure your club and staff are prepared.  Please review the information on the Department of Internal Affairs Website and the Clubs New Zealand website or give the team at Clubs New Zealand a call to discuss harm minimisation in your club.  You may also find it useful to visit other venues and see what practices and procedures could work or not work for you.

Below is some information from the Department including downloads with the departments methodology and an outline of the scenarios that will be used;

Kaihoko muna/mystery shopping will become part of our regular compliance activity

We ran mystery shopper exercises in 2014 and 2016 to provide us with a snapshot of gambling harm practice across the sector. Following the exercise many societies and clubs used the results to make improvements to their staff training and to identify gaps in their practices and processes.

We have been working to develop mystery shopping as a regular compliance activity. The objectives are to identify areas of poor practice and to lift performance across the sector. This will take Kaihoko muna/mystery shopper from a distinct project run over a short time period, to an ongoing compliance activity with venues selected to test issues or concerns.

We would like the thank everyone who participated in the co-design process

We co-designed the scenarios with the wider sector, including societies, venues, gambling harm service providers and DIA inspectors, to ensure scenarios reflected reality and have clear agreed upon evaluation criteria.

The scenarios meet the expectations outlined in the Gamble Host resources. Aligning the scenarios with the Gamble Host resources ensures that venues have tools and resources to support them to meet our expectations.

We will keep you updated on when Kaihoko Muna / mystery shopper will start

As you may be aware, the Regulatory Services group (of which the Gambling Compliance group is part) is currently engaged in an internal review. In light of this and the roll out of other initiatives, the board decided that the Kaihoko Muna/mystery shopper activity will be implemented after completion of the review. We will keep you informed as this work progresses.

If you have any questions regarding Kaihoko Muna / mystery shopper please email sector.initiatives@dia.govt.nz

Kaihoko Muna Mystery Shopper

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