COVID19 - Are you prepared for another lockdown?

12 August 2021

With cases of Covid-19 continuing to climb in NSW, there has been a lot of talk here in New Zealand about our strategy should the delta variant make its way into the community. 

Yesterday, Chris Hipkins, confirmed that the alert level settings have been reviewed and we should expect that if there was a chance of an outbreak - New Zealand would likely see a quicker move to level 4.  What this means is that club committees and managers should take the time to review their processes now and put a plan in place.

You will have all learnt a lot throughout 2020, so think about the things that will need immediate attention, what and how can you continue to work and plan remotely after one or two weeks.  Below is a list of things that you should be considering and putting a plan in place for now (this list is not exhaustive):


  • Take time to ensure you have staff contact details up to date.  Can you communicate with all staff quickly?
  • Who has access to systems and what remote access is required (payroll, servers, banking, security)

Securing the club

What should be the last thing on your mind sadly needs to be a priority if and when a lock down is announced

Make sure that locks, alarm systems, cameras, whatever security features you have in place are all working and in order before you lock the doors. It will also pay to check in with your security companies and alarm system providers to find out exactly how their services may be impacted.

  • For those of you with outdoor freezers it has been suggested that you back up one of your shuttle buses so that it will be VERY difficult for anyone to get in there.
  • Bank all cash, including emptying gaming machines, leaving machines and tills open, adding a daytime patrol and putting signs on the door saying no cash onsite.
  • Do a final stock take.
  • Double check who (including third parties) have keys to the premises and reassess as needed.
  • Double check fire hazards and address where needed.
  • Take photos inside and out so that you know exactly how you left it.

Notification of Third Parties

Compile a list of all contracts, and ensure you notify all necessary parties, which could include:

  • Security Company – alarms and monitoring
  • Local Council
  • DIA
  • TAB
  • All suppliers - goods and services
  • Any contracted companies – e.g: cleaning company
  • Utilities (Power, phone, gas, internet etc).
    • Ensure you know what is essential equipment that must be kept on and what you can turn off.
  • Subscriptions (e.g.: newspapers, online services, SKY etc). Assess whether to put on hold or cancel
  • Your bank
  • Your insurance company
  • Any relevant Government Departments (IRD etc)


  • Ensure your computers and documentation is backed up.
  • Assess which are necessary appliances/equipment that must remain on or operational, and which can be closed down or turned off.
  • Check any shut down procedures are followed.
  • Check if appliances that must be left on have a power saving or similar mode that can be safely used.
  • Clean any equipment appropriately, as necessary.


  • Kegs should be taken off and the lines emptied and cleaned to stop the growth of bacteria.
  • We do recommend you give your supplier a call as they may be able to give you some recommendations on action you can take now.

Other Food, Beverage and Perishables

Assess what food can be frozen and whether you have appropriate facilities to do so. Ensure that food is appropriately labelled, dated and stored at the correct temperature.

  • Assess what food and other perishables needs to be used immediately and decide what your plan will be for that.
    • Will you donate it?
    • Do you divide it amongst staff?
  • Ensure all open bottles of alcohol are capped or sealed. Consider moving these out of sight from windows etc.

Looking after each other

What we saw last year was club committees and managers shouldering a lot of stress and concern for the wellbeing of the club, members and staff.  Don’t forget to make a plan to ensure your mental and physical health is being looked after! Lockdowns are incredibly stressful times and it is easy to lose sight of your own needs.

We obviously hope that a lockdown does not eventuate, but it is much better to go into it prepared than not.  As always we will keep clubs updated and informed of any changes that may occur as a result of COVID.

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