Corporate Membership

18 May 2017

A number of Clubs have requested information about “Corporate Membership”.

This is a perfectly legitimate “class” of membership, as long as you formally adopt it as part of your Clubs’ Constitution and only allow the Corporate “Associates” (Staff) to do what your Constitution says they can.

A typical set of “Rules” of Corporate Membership could look like this:

Corporate Members”:

Any Club or other Incorporated Body, or Business approved by the Executive Committee from time to time, may apply for Corporate Membership.

A Corporate Membership Fee shall be set by the Executive at no less than 4 times the normal annual subscription. (Your Club must decide at what minimum level to pitch the fee).

Corporate Members must supply, and update, a list of Corporate Associate Members (i.e. their Staff) to enable them to access the Club under this Membership. The Corporate Member will supply their Staff with a means of identification to enable them to be easily identified by Club Staff.

Alternatively the Club may choose to issue a unique card to Corporate Associate members.

Corporate Associate Members, and who are not otherwise members of the Club shall be deemed to be members of and subject to the rules of the Club with the following provisos:

  • Entry to the Club premises is restricted to occasions when the Corporate Member is using the Club premises for an agreed purpose.
  • They shall carry the agreed identification at all times whilst in the Club
  • Corporate members or Corporate Associates may not stand for any “Office” in the Club, nor may they have speaking or voting rights at Annual or Special General meetings.
  • Corporate or Associate Members will not have “reciprocal” visiting rights to other Clubs, nor represent the Club in sporting fixtures.

Your Club needs to consider the above clauses and add to, or delete from them, as desired.

More information on corporate membership and other membership categories can be found in the Clubs New Zealand Resource Room along with information on making changes to your clubs constitution.  If you would like to discuss membership categories please contact National Office on 0800 4 CLUBS.

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