Confirmation of Capitation Fees for 2022

21 March 2022

It is once again nearing that time where we must send out invoices for the Clubs New Zealand Annual Subscription..  During the first week of April all clubs will receive an email with the 2022 Clubs New Zealand Invoice attached.

As always we are happy to discuss payment options, however, you must communicate this with Michelle so that a record of your payment option can be kept on file.  If you would like to arrange a payment plan or set up a direct debt please contact asap.

Confirmation of Capitation Fees for 2022

Clubs New Zealand Capitation Fee 2022 $4.20 per financial member.
Clubs New Zealand Insurance Discount $0.25 per financial member.

Clubs that are insured with Clubs New Zealand will automatically have the discount applied and you will see this as an additional line item on your invoice.

Your clubs annual subscription for the current year is calculated on a capitation basis using the membership numbers that are submitted to Clubs New Zealand on your clubs annual membership update form.  The method for calculating the annual subscription along with the requirement to submit the annual membership update by 20th February is outlined within the Clubs New Zealand Constitution.

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