CONCERN Database for Gaming Exclusion Orders

8 October 2020

The new Concern database is now online and all clubs should be using the system to add their exclusion orders.

To begin using the database go to and enter your email address which will send you link so that you can login.  The system does not use passwords so you will need to sign in from the link that is emailed to you every time.  The link will also expire after ten minutes.

NOTE: This will not work until you have contacted with the email address(s) and username(s) you wish to use so that he can add you to the system.

You can have more than one user/email address in the system, but they have to tell Leigh so I can add them first.

Once setup and using the system you will now see exclusions for all clubs in your area.

You can export the exclusions and print them off for staff to see, or if you have COMS they will show on the screen at the bar.

You can view the video Leigh made for adding exclusions here-

If you have any questions please contact

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