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29 July 2021

This industry-leading product provides the ultimate all-in-one solution for monitoring and report on all gaming-related activity within a venue at any given time.

  • Real-time notifications of gaming machine events and metres.
  • Real-time float management with ‘early empty’ capability.
  • Hopper and banknote monitoring.
  • Room sweep reminders with harm minimisation pop-ups.
  • Immediate identification of machine service issues.
  • Gaming-specific point of sale system.
  • Automatic software upgrades upon release.
  • Information at a glance via a simple colour-coded dashboard display.
  • Customisable and based on your integration requirements.

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Quickly, accurately and reliably reconcile an entire gaming operation while maximising venue security.

Benefits to Societies/multi-venue operators

  • Can run on any device and web browser (meaning venues can be quickly and easily set up on current office computers).
  • Produces all required DIA (Government) forms using DIA (Government) templates, ensuring full compliance with the NZ Class 4 Game Rules.
  • Automatically checks venues’ daily balancing results against EMS expected results and notifies support staff of any differences.
  • Gives society full visibility on the state of venues’ gaming machines and floats while providing tools that will allow staff to quickly identify any float or balancing issues.
  • Automatically produces and files Venues Balancing and Government Requirement Reports with no office staff interaction required.
  • Allows all venues to use the same cash management system, regardless of the number of machines or level of turnover.
  • Notifies support staff if a venue has failed to bank within the expected timeframe.
  • Provides the efficiency gains of a ‘single source of truth’ that is the COMS information management core system

Benefits to Venues

  • Provides accurate and real-time float management and tracking.
  • Delivers cash management in 2 easy steps.
  • Provides high quality data quickly and reliably.
  • Is a flexible solution that caters to a variety of float balancing systems in use by venues.
  • Manages day to day activities of all gaming machines and ensures compliance of DIA reporting.
  • Tracks venues’ weekly banking requirements and reminds venues to bank GMP in time.
  • Allows venue owners and managers to manage all aspects of their gaming operation remotely.

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Offering a range of innovative solutions that make harm minimisation easier, simpler and more efficient. Our systems are built to comply with the Gambling Act and are based on industry best practice guidelines.

Person of Interest (POI)

POI links with CONCERN (a national database of problem gamblers) to identify multivenue exclusion orders which are displayed on the screen in real time, making problem gambler detection quick, easy and accurate. This software can either be used as part of QEC (COMS’ front of house gaming system), or on a stand-alone tablet.

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Room Sweep

This is a pop-up alert that appears every 15 minutes (this can be customised per venue) on a venue’s QEC (front of house gaming) system, to prompt staff to enter the gaming room to monitor customers.

Venues can set up questions (eg ‘how many people are in the gaming room?’) for staff to enter on their return.

Results can then be turned into a report for management to use as part of their ongoing harm minimisation staff training.

Incident Register

This electronic incident register – built into QEC – allows venue staff to record incidents or notes on player behaviour in real time from behind the bar.

It includes a series of customisable questions enabling staff to log any incidents in the bar, gaming room, TAB or other area within the venue.

Once completed, the report can be viewed by staff, venue management or the society, anywhere, any time, through the COMS daily report section.

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