Clubs New Zealand Advocacy Snapshot

24 November 2022

Ahead of the election next year the Government is racing through its legislation agenda, and Clubs New Zealand is committed to ensuring that the voice of Clubs is heard. 2022 has been incredibly busy on the advocacy front and we are expecting this to ramp up into early 2023.

As we head into December we reflect on the year that was and acknowledge what we have collectively achieved. 



It almost feels like a life time ago, yet it was less than three months ago that we finally said goodbye to the Covid Protection Framework and the traffic light settings. 

The first quarter of 2022 was heavily impacted by Covid. From Jan 2022 through to September 2022 Clubs New Zealand:

  • Sent 13 Covid-19 specific memos to clubs.
  • Sent 28 Club Industry e-Newsletters covering covid among other things.
  • Produced media releases in response to covid.
  • Sent multiple letters and communications to Ministers, namely Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern, Hon Grant Robertson and Hon Chris Hipkins.
  • Advocated heavily for sports to be allowed to resume under the Orange Setting.
  • Regularly updated and maintained Club Specific guidance on the Clubs New Zealand website.

While the restrictions of covid are largely behind us now, the fall out is still very much being felt. Covid is still doing the rounds and this is exacerbating staffing shortages.

Class 4 Gaming

The Class 4 Gaming space has been a busy one with the Department of Internal Affairs launching a number of projects. As well as advocacy work and communicating with the Department we have worked with clubs on a one on one basis where they have encountered issues during licence renewals or following compliance checks.

Communications with the Department

  • Resumed regular face to face meetings with DIA team members.
  • Expressed concerns around inconsistent approach from regulators particularly between North and South Island
  • Discussed the Departments concerns re financial viability and incomplete applications and are looking for ways we can work with the DIA to alleviate their concerns while also addressing clubs concerns re accessing audits and accountancy services.

Consultations and Workshops

Reducing Pokies Harm Consultation

In response to this consultation Clubs New Zealand hosted a webinar for members to explain the proposals and potential implications for clubs. We made a detailed submission on the consultation and provided submission templates for clubs and club members to complete.

In October the Department released its summary of submissions and on the 18th November, Minister for Internal Affairs, Hon Jan Tinetti announced regulation changes to reduce pokies harm which are likely to be implemented in early 2023.

Once the full details of the regulation changes are released Clubs New Zealand will work to understand what changes clubs need to make. We will also work with clubs to develop guidance and tools where required to support you in your harm minimisation efforts.

Best Practice Guidance Project - Advisory Group

Clubs New Zealand was invited to participate in the departments Best Practice Harm Minimisation Gambling Operator workshops. This series of workshops aimed to identify what best practice looks like in practice. 

Longer Licences Project

Clubs New Zealand have had several discussions with the Department on aspects of this project and provided feedback when and where required.

Harm Minimisation Training

Clubs New Zealand has continued to deliver its harm minimisation training course, with more than 350 club employees and committee members completing the training.

Clubs New Zealand has been offering harm minimisation training for years and it is the focal point in developing and maintaining a culture of care. Clubs New Zealand has invited DIA regulators to attend Clubs New Zealand harm minimisation training and are continually reviewing the course material to ensure that it is up to date, relevant and appropriate for clubs.

With regulation changes on the horizon Clubs New Zealand will be ensuring that our training continues to support clubs in their harm minimisation efforts.


Earlier this year Clubs New Zealand submitted on the Income Insurance Scheme for Zealand and the Fair Pay Agreements Bill.

The fair pay agreements bill passed its third reading to become law with the first part of the Act coming into force in December 2022. Clubs New Zealand will continue to monitor Fair Pay Agreements closely and will advocate strongly for clubs.

Sale and Supply of Alcohol

Clubs New Zealand continues to support clubs on a one on one basis regarding licence renewals or special licence applications. We continue to see concerning interpretations of the act in relation to clubs.

  • Earlier in the year Clubs New Zealand participated in the Ministry of Justice review of the fees under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.
  • We been closely monitoring the members bill put forward by Green MP Chloe Swarbrick earlier this year. This bill is currently sitting on the order paper and is yet to have its first reading.
  • On October 30th, Justice Minister, Hon Kiri Allen announced amendments to the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 which aimed to address concerns around the LAP process and ensuring that communities have opportunities to engage on how alcohol is sold and supplied locally. Clubs New Zealand have considerable concerns around the proposals, however, the amendment bill is yet to be released. We expect that early in the New Year we will see more detail and understand that the Minister is eager to move quickly.

Incorporated Societies Act 2022

The long awaited Incorporated Societies Act 2022 is now in place.

  • Clubs New Zealand submitted on the consultation for regulations to be developed under the Act.
  • The reregistration period will cover October 2023 – April 2026.  All incorporated societies will need to reregister, in order to reregister they will need to meet the requirements of the new act.
  • Clubs New Zealand has created an online “Incorporated Societies Information Hub” to bring all the information about the changes into one place.
  • We will have a peer reviewed model constitution available in the near future and we will have a new governance training offering available in the new year.
  • We are concerned that clubs are engaging lawyers ahead of the regulations being confirmed, with some clubs being quoted in excess of $10,000.
  • Clubs New Zealand is focused on ensuring that our members are well supported and informed ahead of reregistering.


  • Copies of the Clubs New Zealand National Census Report were sent to every council in New Zealand and over 30 members of Parliament.
  • Clubs New Zealand have had meetings with various Ministers and members of Parliament throughout the year.
  • Clubs New Zealand continue to engage with key business partners and supporters.
  • Sent out various media releases during the year.

The above advocacy work is very much a work in progress and will continue on into 2023. Clubs New Zealand is committed to ensuring that the voice of clubs is heard and that the important role that clubs play in their communities is known and understood.

If you have any questions regarding Clubs New Zealand's advocacy work please contact the National Office team on 0800 425 827.


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