Clubs New Zealand 2021 National Census

16 September 2021

On the 15th September, all clubs were emailed the Clubs New Zealand 2021 National Census Document for completion.

This census is designed to provide a national snapshot of the club sector. It will present invaluable information to key industry stakeholders about the important role that clubs play in both their local communities and at a national level.  This information is more important than ever given the age of COVID.

This census has been in the making for some months now and as far as we are aware, a census of this type has not been carried out by Clubs New Zealand before.  We are asking all Clubs New Zealand member Clubs to complete the census.  Once we have received the completed census for your club you will be entered into the draw to win one of 20 $100 Prezzy Cards.

You can download a copy of the census document here

How long will it take to complete?

We recommend that you review all questions prior to commencing the census. Once you have compiled all relevant information, completion of the Clubs New Zealand Census 2021 should take approximately 1 hour.

How do I complete it?

You can complete the census on your computer by typing your responses into the applicable question fields. We recommend that you regularly save the census to your computer as you are working on it to prevent any loss of data. Alternatively, you can print the census out or request a hard copy for you to complete.

When do I need to complete it by?

Completion is due by Friday 3 December 2021.

What if I need help completing the Clubs New Zealand Census 2021?

For general queries regarding the census please call Clubs New Zealand National Office on 0800 4 CLUBS or email

Privacy / Confidentiality

Clubs New Zealand is committed to fulfilling our obligations under the Privacy Act 2020 in undertaking this survey and managing personal and confidential information.

Where do it return the complete Clubs New Zealand Census 2021?

Completed census’ can be returned to  or mailed to: Lucy Waterreus, Clubs New Zealand, PO Box 11479, Wellington, 6142

Once we have received your completed survey you will be entered in the draw to win one of 20 $100 Prezzy Cards.

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