Clubs New Zealand 2020 Wage and Salary Guide

22 October 2020

We would like to thank all clubs that participated in the recent 2020 Wage and Salary Survey and are pleased to announce that the Clubs New Zealand 2020 Wage and Salary Guide is now available for members to download in the resource room.

The 2020 Wage and Salary Survey was conducted as an online survey from 30th July 2020 through to 25th September 2020 for which we received a total of 101 responses.

Using the results of the survey we have produced the Wage and Salary Guide which has been prepared into the following sections;

  • Training
  • National Results Summary
  • Analysis for five key positions based on geographical location
  • Membership size comparison


As with previous Wage and Salary Guides other than for the position of Club Manager there is little correlation between the clubs membership size and the wage and or salary.  Likewise for the positions broken down by region we can see that the wage and/or salary still closely matches the National Average.  This suggests that there is a continuing focus on designing remuneration packages which take into account qualifications, experience, budget, minimum wage and the needs of the club, rather than focusing on membership size and geographic location.

Comparisons to the 2019 Wage and Salary Survey

  • Since the 2019 Wage and Salary Survey the New Zealand Adult Minimum Wage has increased 6.78% from $17.70 per hour to $18.90 per hour.
  • The average Salary for Club Managers (includes CEO & Secretary Managers) increased 2.23% from $72,397.75 to $74,017.80.
  • The average Wage for Duty Managers moved up 5.3% to $21.06 per hour from the average wage recorded in the 2019 Wage and Salary Guide. While the average wage for a bar person (without LCQ) increased 5.91% from an average of $18.42 to $19.51 per hour.
  • The majority of clubs still have no training budget in place.

Preparing for the Minimum Wage Increases

In referencing the 2020 Wage and Salary Guide clubs must take heed of the indicative minimum wage increases set be the Government.  It is anticipated the from 1 April 2021 the minimum adult wage will increase to $20.00 per hour.

Download the Wage and Salary Guide

To download the 2020 Wage and Salary Guide please login to the website and visit Members Area>Resources>Human Resource Management>Wage and Salary Guide.

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