Clubs New Zealand 2019 Conference & AGM - WRAP UP

2 April 2019

The Clubs New Zealand 2019 Conference, AGM & EXPO was held from the 21st through to the 23rd of March hosted by the Tauranga Citizens Club. The Clubs New Zealand Conference, and & EXPO gave clubs from right across New Zealand the opportunity to come together, enjoy each other’s company and learn about fantastic opportunities, new ideas and more. We would like to thank everyone who attended conference this year and we would like to extend a huge thank you and congratulations to the Tauranga Citizens Club for being fantastic hosts. The entire Tauranga Citizens Club team went above and beyond to make sure delegates and guests were welcome and we cannot thank them enough.

Below is a wrap up of the 2019 Conference & AGM and where possible we have included PDF versions of the speaker’s presentations for you to view. Photos from over the three days will be loaded onto our Facebook page shortly and we encourage you to share any snaps you have.


This year’s expo took place on Thursday 21st March and continued on the morning of Friday 22nd March and featured a wide range of exhibitors. The expo provides a wonderful opportunity for delegates to get face to face with our industry supporters and see first-hand how their products and services can benefit your clubs.  

If you didn’t get a chance to touch base with all our wonderful exhibitors or want to continue the conversations, you can click on the logos below to find out more information on the exhibitors and contact information.








































For 2019 we did things a little differently, introducing three quick fire workshops at the Tauranga Citizens Club, before moving to the Baycourt Theatre for an afternoon of keynote presentations.

Mike Kyne opened the workshops with a rapid-fire presentation which looked into the roles of governance vs management. Mike acknowledged that often within clubs the lines between governance and management are blurred and that committee members must actively stand apart from the club’s management, it is the role of governance to give management the support, tools and resources they need to manage without over stepping the boundaries.

Mike reiterated that the decisions you make today will impact your club 20 years from now, and that the decisions that are being made are not for the benefit of the committee of today.

The principals discussed included leadership, involving the right people, leading by example, being clear in your expectations, managing risks, utilising good systems, good control and good monitoring and honesty and ethics.

Mikes presentation certainly got out of the blocks and presented some food for thought.

Next up the stage was Dave Tilley. Dave discussed the upcoming changes to minimum wage and gave practical examples to highlight the impact the next three years minimum wage increases could have on your club’s bottom line. While on the surface it may not seem like much the cumulative effect of these increases can and most likely will be damn painful. If your club hasn’t already adjusted for the minimum wage increases you must do so now, clubs will not survive absorbing these costs.

Next Dave delved into bar and restaurant sales comparisons (something that all clubs can produce) to explore how small tweaks can have big impacts on the bottom line.

Dave took a moment to reiterate that clubs need to stop believing that they need to be the cheapest joint in town.

Dave also quickly made note of membership draws, are they working? If not, you need to review, revise and be prepared to change the model. He also discussed adjuncts not banking within the club – and if this is the case it needs to change now.

Download a copy of Dave Tilley's Presentation Handout

For the final workshop of the morning Keith and Jenn took to the stage to delve into the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act and where we are now. Keith quickly ran through the buck stops at the bar PowerPoint presentation before throwing Jenn some common questions.

Key messages from the session included;

  • The buck stops at the bar! Signing in is not the be all and end all, just because someone has signed a book at your front door, does not mean they can be served or supplied alcohol.
  • Systems, staff and training – you need to be able to show what you are doing (talking about it is not enough). You need to give staff tools and resources.
  • Committees are the licensee and therefore you need to have an understanding of the act – Jenn raised an interesting question of committee members being intoxicated on the premises and whether this would raise questions with the DLC and inspectors?

If you are not sure seek help? Talk to Clubs New Zealand, talk to the team at ACG – and talk early. Do not wait until you are faced with a hearing to seek guidance and support.

Starting the keynote line up was Clyde Fernandez, Salesforce Regional Director. Clyde’s presentation introduced the 4th Industrial Revolution and what it means for businesses and individuals today. The 4th Industrial Revolution is all about intelligence and the increasing pace of technology.

Clyde explored the two mega forces that are changing the world at present and that is AI (Artificial Intelligence) and equality.

We are in an AI spring, the reality is that AI is not new, it has been around for a long time, however technology has now arrived at a point that makes AI so much more accessible and it is changing the way that we connect. Just image within your club have AI that could monitor your stock levels at all times and process new orders without you having to even lift a thumb. Or your members being able to use voice technology such as siri or amazon echo to find out what was happening in the club that day, what specials the restaurant had on offer and to book the courtesy coach to pick them up in 30 minutes??

Customer expectations have changed, we are living in a proactive world, which may very shortly thanks to AI become a predictive world.

The second force affecting the world is equality. Demographics are changing and with that trust is declining. So, you need as businesses in this day and age to define your values and live and breathe them.

Download Clyde's PowerPoint Slides Here

We were thrilled to be joined by Chris Thornborough, Director Gambling of the DIA. Chris presented briefly on how the DIA as a regulator is evolving and the impacts this has on clubs as a key stakeholder group, the issue of reputation and social licence and the challenge of operating in an increasingly challenging digital environment.

Chris acknowledged that the world is changing faster than ever and often this means we cannot wait for the law to catch up with emerging issues. As a sector we need to move quickly and work collaboratively to solve issues.

Chris touched on one area of work that the DIA is looking to explore and that is cashless payment options. This does not necessarily mean a full cashless industry, acknowledging there are a lot of potential benefits, however, done poorly this could be a disaster – hence the need for full sector engagement.

Download Chris's PowerPoint Slides Here

For the last keynote presentation of the day we were joined by Nick Brabham, General Manager of the Cabarita Beach Bowls and Sports Club.

Nick took us on a journey of how Cabarita Beach Bowls and Sports Club have diversified and connected with the community.

For the team at Cabarita it all began with understanding the community – in 2018 the housing boom had steadied, baby boomers were selling up, with younger families moving in in their place, a school opened, Woolworths came to town and competition also arrived in town. So Cabarita went to the community to find out what they wanted and what they wanted was family friendly events, to feel safe, to see the clubs support of the local school continue, increased variety and better food!

Armed with that information Cabarita delivered! A playground – drawing in young families, a summer food truck lawn party, a pop-up glow beer garden and many family friendly events.

And the results? The average age of members reduced by 5.76 years. Membership increased by 12.5% (4,000 members in a population of 3,300). Bar sales increased by 1%, food sales increased by 19%, gaming machine income increased by 6% and donations to the community increased by 21%.

Nick left us with 5 key takeaways;

  • Create a partnership with your future market
  • Ask them what they want
  • Research their requests and decide if commercially viable
  • Explain and inform your current membership base why you need to do it
  • Deliver and celebrate the success.

Download Nick's PowerPoint Slides Here

In true Clubs New Zealand fashion, we finished up the conference day with a little bit of a laugh at our own expense.

By now we all know the Fan Brigade and their fantastic song about the trials and tribulations of signing in.


After a full day of conference, it was time to unwind and relax with the Clubs New Zealand Conference Cocktail Function.

I think everyone would agree that this was a fantastic night of good food and drinks, good company and great music.

A big thank you to Lion Breweries for supplying the cocktails, United Fisheries for the amazing food, the boys from Tauranga Boys College for serving, Shy and Retiring for the wonderful entertainment and Tauranga Citizens Club for hosting such a brilliant evening.

Before launching into the Clubs New Zealand 2019 Annual General Meeting we invited Bernie O’Fagan of RM Designs to the stage to discuss Charles Darwin and the Wall?

Bernie and his team are seasoned veterans in light commercial design specialising in hospitality and retail. Bernie took us through the creative process looking at the current amenities, the audience, culture, environment and governance. The range of activities vs revenue restrictions.

Bernie finished up with “The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

Download Bernie's PowerPoint Slides here


Following the agenda President Bryan Ferguson welcomed attendees to the Clubs New Zealand 2019 Annual General Meeting.

Shortly into proceeding we were joined by Hon Tracey Martin. The Minister gave a great presentation covering the current situation nationally, her work as Minister for the Department of Internal Affairs and the Minister for Seniors. The Minister expressed her belief that clubs are a vital and integral part of New Zealand’s social fabric and how the Minister is committed to working alongside Clubs New Zealand to ensure that they survive well into the future.

Following the Minister’s presentation, the Annual General Meeting got underway and progressed smoothly throughout the morning.

Capitation Fees for 2019

Each year the AGM must confirm the capitation fees for the current year, the board proposed that the capitation fee should remain at $4.00 + GST per member. However, the board would be introducing a discount of 0.25c per full financial member for those clubs who are members of the Clubs New Zealand Insurance Scheme. This discount is to come into effect immediately.

Minutes from the Annual General Meeting will be loaded onto the Clubs New Zealand website as soon as they are available.


The Clubs New Zealand 2020 Conference and AGM will be hosted by Clubs Hastings from Thursday 19th March through to Saturday 21st March.

The Clubs New Zealand 2021 Conference and AGM will be hosted by the Clubs of Canterbury.


As mentioned before a huge thank you to the entire team at Tauranga Citizens Club for helping and supporting Clubs New Zealand in delivering a fantastic Conference & AGM.

And finally, a big thank you to our conference sponsors!


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