Clubs New Zealand 2019 Conference, AGM + EXPO - Get ready to Register

13 December 2018

Next week registrations for the 2019 Conference, AGM & EXPO will open. As in previous years all clubs will receive an email with your club’s unique link to register for conference. Below you will find important information about the Conference, AGM + EXPO as well as details of some key changes that you will need to be aware of before registering.


As mentioned in our previous conference update there are going to be some changes to the programme format in 2019, these include an extended expo as well as elective workshops.  Please take the time to review the proposed format for the 2019 Conference, AGM + EXPO and ensure that your travel arrangements ensure you get the most out of your visit to Tauranga.

Clubs New Zealand 2019 Conference, AGM + EXPO draft agenda


In 2019 we will be running three elective workshops on Friday morning. There is no additional cost to attend these workshops, however, you must select which workshops you will be attending at the time of registration.

On this year’s registration form you will see a new tab called “Workshop Registration”. After you have completed the registration details and travel details for your clubs’ attendees you will be able to choose the elective sessions each attendee will register for. For more information on registering for conference please see the section on how to register below.

So what elective sessions are on offer?

Mike Kyne - Kyne Management Services
Friday 22nd March, 9.30AM - 10.00AM

Navigating the world of employment law can seem daunting enough without throwing disputes into the mix. So how do we step back and actually put the mantra of PROCESS, PROCESS, PROCESS into practice?

Mike Kyne spent 20 years as a detective before launching Christchurch Based trouble-shooting business Kyne Management Services with his wife Alison in 1994.   Mike has extensive knowledge of the club industry and has provided assistance to a large number of clubs when faced with employment issues and dishonesty offenses.

While we like to think it will never happen to me, this workshop is a must attend for club committees’ and managers.

Dave Tilley - Clubs New Zealand
Friday 22nd March, 10.35AM - 11.00AM

You know your club better than anyone, you know your members, you live and breathe it 24/7, so what more can financial statements possible tell you that you don’t already know?

Clubs are surprisingly complex beasts and your financial statements provide you with a window into your club's inner workings; so that you can focus on where you are, where you’ve been and where you are going next. But if you don’t know what you are looking for, that window can easily become a grimy mess.

You will all know Dave Tilley well, he is General Manager – Northern here at Clubs New Zealand and has amassed a wealth of knowledge during his time working under a partners supervision for a firm of Chartered Accounts and club manager. In this session Dave will dig into a club’s financial statements and help you find what you need to be looking for when presented with your regular financial updates.

Clubs New Zealand & Guests
Friday 22nd March, 11.05AM - 11.35AM

Of the countless pieces of legislation clubs need to be over, the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 raises more questions than any other. This panel discussion is all about delving into the Act to see where we are at six years after the act was introduced and what we as clubs need to be doing.

The panel discussion will be made up of Keith, Dave and Lucy and we will be looking to pull in special guests ‘from the other side’ to help answer some of those curly questions.


Following the 2019 Clubs New Zealand Conference on Friday 22nd March, Clubs New Zealand and the Tauranga Citizens Club will be hosting a Cocktail Function.  All conference delegates and partners are invited to attend the cocktail function, however you must select to attend the cocktail function at the time of registering for the conference.  You will find the option to attend the cocktail function under the elective registration tab on the registration form.


An email will be sent out to all clubs with a unique link to complete your club’s registration form.

Below is a quick step by step guide to completing the registration form;

  • The forms will be pre-populated with your club’s key contacts.
  • For each person select YES or NO from the drop-down box in the “Attending” column to indicate whether that person will be registering for Conference & AGM.
  • In the “Registration Type” column select the most applicable registration type for each person who is attending the Conference & AGM.
  • If you need to register people who are not already on the list, select Add Registrant and complete the details as required.
  • Once you have completed all your attendee’s information select the Travel Details tab to enter the travel details. Once you have entered the travel details for the first person you can tick the box to copy the travel details if everyone is travelling together.
  • Next click on the Elective Workshops tab and select which workshops your attendees will be attending.
  • You can save the registration form at any time if you are not quite ready to submit and come back to it later (just make sure you do not delete the email, so you have access to the link).
  • Once you have completed the registration form hit “Submit Registration” and you are all done.
  • Tauranga Citizens Club have confirmed they will have transport in place to meet all delegates but as always transport cannot be provided if we don't know when you are arriving and departing so please ensure that the transport details are completed.

On submitting your club’s registration form you will receive an email confirming that your registration has been received. Once your registration is confirmed an invoice will be generated and sent to your club’s primary email address.

If at any stage, you require assistance completing the registration form just get in touch with or call 0800 4 CLUBS.


Registration Type Cost to Register
Delegates (Club Committee and Management) $350.00
Partner* $100.00

*The Partner Registration will entitle partners to attend the meet & greet functions that are organised in conjunction with the Clubs New Zealand Conference & AGM. Partners wishing to attend the conference dinner will need to register as Partner + Dinner.  Partners wishing to attend the Conference & AGM including conference sessions will need to register as a delegate under either the Committee or Management Registration type.

We look forward to seeing you all at the Tauranga Citizens Club in March 2019.  Please ensure that you regularly visit the Clubs New Zealand website for updates and more information in the lead up to the conference.  If you have any questions please contact the National Office team on 0800 425 827.


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