ClubPOS - Exploring the next steps

24 November 2022

We now have ClubPOS performing the necessities of a Point Of Sale System very well, and we are ready concentrate on the next stages of development. There are some things already in the pipeline to tidy up such as: the menus, changing customers to say members, adding an eftpos button to the main screen, etc.

What we are looking for now is some feedback from clubs on what features they consider to be the most important and any input regarding how these things might work in practice, particularly in regard to any annoyances you might be experiencing with your current system and ideas for how it could work better.

There are four main areas under consideration:

1.Integrations to accounting systems like Xero and possibly Myob.

How is your current system working for you? Is there anything we should be considering when designing this integration?  Is just sending the banking figures enough?

2. Member draw system.

What do you like or dislike about your current system?

3. Door entry capabilities.

We already have ClubPOS able to recognise and collect sales totals for any visitors from other clubs when they scan their digital membership card. Its not a big stretch to develop a cutdown version as a door entry terminal.

The idea is that this would recognise members and affiliates, and would ask for guests names and produce a receipt with the club rules, etc for anyone that isn’t a local member, doing away with the annoying hand written paper forms. This could also keep track of people coming in for use in the above member draw system.

As much as I am not a big fan of locking visitors out of your club, I do also understand the need for automatic entry systems in some places, so we could potentially include an option to open a door lock. Is this something clubs would find useful?

4. The best way of handling adjunct accounts and payments.

Is there something else we should be considering for the ClubPOS system?

To share your thoughts and feedback please get in touch by emailing or calling 0800 425 827.

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