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20 November 2019

It is no secret that a few clubs have been experiencing challenges with your websites.  Often the sites have been commissioned by someone in the past who has since parted ways, or the design company has disappeared making it difficult to keep things updated.  Or perhaps they are dated, or aren’t mobile friendly.

If you are considering a change we can help.  Leigh has had good experience with Shopify e-commerce websites (  They are a large Canadian company with more than a million customers worldwide, and a decent New Zealand presence.

The sites are relatively easy to setup and make changes with simple templates, and they have a great support desk with 24/7 chat and email support (there is phone support too which is a toll call from NZ currently, but this will probably change as they employ more people here – already around 200 kiwis on the support desk).

They also partner with printing companies like Printful ( for selling branded club merch like caps and t shirts, glasses, stationary, etc.  The customer orders it from your website, and printful prints it and sends it direct to the customer – no need to hold stock at the club.  Also links directly with Facebook and Instagram for marketing.

The plan that most clubs would use is US$29 per month which includes the website and e-commerce credit card facilities.  No setup fees, and if Leigh helps with the setup then we have no time limit on getting things setup and working before we go live (otherwise 14 day trial if done through Shopify directly).  If someone buys something through the website, credit card processing fees are 2.9% + .30c per transaction (that’s probably less than the bank charges you currently for credit cards), and the funds are deposited to your bank account with a few days. 

If you want to do something fancy, there are additional apps you can add to the website to increase functionality (usually for an extra monthly charge).  For example if you wanted to sell tickets to events/shows online through your website there are several apps which contain a calendar which shows upcoming events with a ticket limit, links with google calendar, scan tickets for entry, etc.

Please contact Leigh direct with any questions.  He will help to get you up and running, with some remote training over the phone so you can maintain it yourself.  All of the sites have the same admin panel so no problem if someone leaves, the basics for making changes will be the same for everyone, with help from Shopify Support and Clubs New Zealand if you get stuck.

As an example, Leigh has created this basic site outline in around an hour using free Shopify tools – password to enter is 1234 –

See how easy it is here;


Any questions, please get in touch with Leigh by emailing or phoning 04 830 6661.


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