Are your ClubCare Resources up to date?

5 July 2018

Under the Gambling (Harm Prevention and Minimisation) Regulations 2004 the holder of a class 4 venue licence must make available to players pamphlets providing information about the odds of winning on gaming machines, information about the characteristics of problem gambling and how to seek advice for problem gambling. In addition to this the venue must display signage that is clearly visible to all players that encourages players to gamble only at levels they can afford and contains advice about how to seek assistance for problem gambling.

The ClubCare Harm Minimisation Package has been designed for clubs and is aimed at ensuring clubs are meeting the signage and information requirements of Gambling (Harm Prevention and Minimisation) Regulations 2004 and the Gambling Act 2003.  The ClubCare Harm Minimisation Pack also compliments the Gamble Host Pack produced and provided by the Health Promotion Agency.

If it has been some time since the information and signage relating to your class 4 gaming operation has been updated we recommend that you get in touch with to request a new ClubCare package.  With the DIAs Mystery Shopper Programme kicking off now is a great time to make sure your staff have all the resources and tools available at their disposal.

HPAs Gamble Host Pack resources can be downloaded from their website using the link below;

Alternatively you can email to request hard copies of the resources.

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