Alert Level 2 - Sports and Other Activities

This page was last updated on 14th February 2021

Clubs are not just about food and beverage, Clubs can operate activities such as sports, libraries and courtesy coaches.  Each of the different activities should be operated in accordance with the relevant requirements for that activity, and the activities should be managed so they are clearly separated.

The various activities should not overlap, i.e. members that are engaged in a sporting activity should not also be engaged in the consumption of food and beverage.  If the person wishes to have a drink for example they must cease the sporting activity and begin following the rules for food and beverage.

Sports and Adjuncts

At alert level 2 most play, recreation and sport activities can resume, but we still need to 'play it safe' to ensure New Zealand continues to contain COVID-19.

Sports New Zealand have created guidelines which we recommend all clubs operating sporting activities should review.

For each sport/adjunct will need to determine what processes are going to be in place to ensure that hygiene and physical distancing requirements are met; for example:

8 Ball rules may look like this (high level):

  • 2 players to a table at a time
  • While one player is "taking a shot" the other player must be seated.
  • No spectators
  • All equipment must be sanitised at the completion of a game/s
  • Any player showing symptoms of illness will be required to leave.

Clubs New Zealand has created a document for clubs considering whether to host sports tournaments and adjunct activities under Alert Level 2.  It is really important that each focuses on their unique circumstances and not what other clubs are doing, committee and management must always be confident that you are operating in compliance with the Alert Level requirements. 


The TAB has sent out guidance on operating TAB self service and full service terminals.  A copy of this guidance can be downloaded below:

Guidance for TAB operations at Alert Level 2

Libraries, Gyms, Conference Facilities

A few clubs have facilities such as libraries, gyms, conference rooms etc which can be operated during alert level 2 separate from your Food and Beverage operation.

These business activities must comply with the requirements outlined within current order for controlled access businesses or service.

Courtesy Coaches

Clubs can operate their courtesy coaches during Alert Level 2.  As a small passenger service there is no requirement for passengers to wear face coverings, however, drivers must wear a face covering.