Clubs New Zealand is committed to supporting our members keep pace with gambling requirements and host responsibility. It's part of creating a welcoming environment where members can enjoy themselves safely.

We truly believe that clubs strive to provide a safe and enjoyable gambling operation to members and guests, we know our members and we look out for them. 

Clubs New Zealand Gaming Compliance Folders

The Clubs New Zealand Gaming Compliance Manual will be your everyday ‘go to’ guide to assist with gaming compliance and includes resources such as:

  • Harm minimisation incident and intervention forms
  • Harm minimisation information pack and problem gambling letter
  • Venue harm minimisation policy
  • Jackpot user manual
  • Password policy
  • Training records
  • Training notes
  • Unpaid prizes
  • Gambling equipment fault
  • Player dispute
  • Game rules

The completed gaming forms folder as the name suggests will be where you store all your completed gaming forms and will in effect become your clubs ‘log book’. We recommend that this folder be reviewed at the end of every day and should be discussed as part of your regular staff meetings.

Replenish your gaming folders

Most resources and tools within the gaming folders can be downloaded from the Clubs New Zealand Resource Room so that you can replenish them when required.

Download tools to replenish your gaming folders here

Order new folders

Each club that operates class 4 gaming was provided with a set of compliance folders free of charge.  If your club cannot locate the folders they can be ordered for $175.00 per set.

Harm Minimisation Training

The Gaming (Harm Prevention and Minimisation) Regulations 2004 and Racing (Harm Prevention and Minimisation) Regulations 2004, require that all class 4 gambling and TAB Venues have a staff member available who has had problem gambling awareness training at all times when Class 4 or TAB gambling is available.

At Clubs New Zealand we are committed to host responsibility and providing club committees, management and staff with the tools, resources and knowledge that enables them to build a culture of care.

Clubs New Zealand offers harm minimisation training for clubs for just $10 per person.

Find out more about harm minimisation training here.

Gaming Help and Support

Need help? We are here to help.  Clubs New Zealand is available to assist with gaming compliance, licence renewals and more.

Give the team at National Office a call on 0800 425 827.