Conferences and Networking

Coming together to learn from others, share ideas and celebrate achievements is a highlight of the club calendar.

Clubs New Zealand Annual Conference, AGM and Expo

In March each year Clubs New Zealand holds its Annual Conference, AGM + Hospitality Expo.  It is the main event for the club industry.  It provides our members the opportunity to come together, share experiences, update knowledge and gain skills and ideas for the future of their clubs.

Club Management Conference

2009 saw a reinvigorated and passionate Club Managers Group formed to ensure representation of club managers and to provide a platform for which club managers could ask questions and collaborate.

Each year the Club Managers Group hosts a conference aimed at anyone involved in, moving into or interest in club management.  The conference is an action-packed couple of days aimed at bringing the network of club managers together.

Area Meetings

Clubs New Zealand Board Members regularly host area meetings to give club executives and managers a chance to discuss the local club industry. Area Meetings are held up to four times a year and is your chance to touch base and discuss club business.

Details of upcoming conference and meetings can be found here

Get your hands on the future

With the Clubs New Zealand App

Get your hands on the future with Clubs New Zealand's App which can be downloaded on both Apple and Android.  The Clubs New Zealand App is all about helping you get more out of your membership. As a member of a club you can access any of our network of 300 member clubs as a reciprocal visitor and visiting a club is a breeze with the new digital membership card.


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